busiest day ever.

I didn’t go to bed last night thinking that today would be so jam packed. There were a few things on my list, but nothing too major.


I woke up this morning and started off by doing some writing. I am doing NaNoWriMo this year, and I didn’t get any time Thursday and only a little time Friday, so my word count was miserably low. I like how everytime I write, I start tapping out words bit by bit, and then suddenly I look down and I’m a few hundred words farther than my goal was.

Once we were both ready to start the day, we did our grocery shopping. While grocery shopping I decided that I wanted to attempt my mother’s famous cut out cookie recipe today, so I gathered some ingredients for that. We also discussed what we each wanted to accomplish that day and were very relieved to find that a lot of our goals overlapped.

The rest of the day zipped by. We dropped off some clothing donations, went to Goodwill, followed by Target for food coloring and wall adhesives. Then we came home and hung up the last few pictures and artwork. Husband granted my long standing wish for him to clean up his toolbox and take it out of the living room. Husband ironed while I did a load in the dishwasher and in the washer. I made a batch of cut out cookies, and now I’m writing this up while he does some work on his bike.

It’s already seven at night and I really can’t believe it. I did some reading while we ate lunch, and I listened to Pandora pretty much all day, but besides that I haven’t really sat or relaxed all day. We’ve been on the move since we got up.

After I post this, I’m planning on writing for an hour or so and then hopefully finishing reading my book. I’m so close to my Goodreads reading goal; I’m in the single digits!!

I realize this post was a little spontaneous and rambly. Hopefully next time to have something a little tighter and more focused.


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