a tiny rant.

I clicked onto Facebook this afternoon and saw that my cousin had posted a status. The gist of her three paragraph narrative was that she wanted someone to buy her a car, because she was tired of calling people to take her to and from work. Plus her mom was late picking her up from work and that was SO RUDE.

Before I get into WHY I think this is a terrible, selfish rant, let me explain a little bit about my cousin. She’s a mid twenties girl who spent four years at an elite college in Chicago, gaining mediocre grades because she felt her time was better spent drinking and watching Hulu. Unable to get into med school with her grades, she went to a school in the suburbs for a “Master’s” degree (it was more like a certificate), with the hopes of padding her transcripts. Now she waitresses for minimum wage at a job she declares she is “too good for” while living at home, and constantly drinking and going out with her friends.

I think just from that you can see where I’m headed with this. I myself paid half on a car with my parents when I was in my teens, a car that was legally in their name. Since I was driving it, though, all gas and car repairs were my responsibility. I kept that car, consistently under my parents’ names, until I was 23 and my sister gave me her car when she got a new one. If my sister hadn’t given me her car, I would have kept driving the one under my parents’ name, and if that one died I would have adjusted my budget to accommodate a car payment. Husband has been buying his cars since day one, always used but still good quality. In short, I was raised on the belief that if you want to have a car, you have to step up and take care of that yourself.

So when I hear my cousin whining that she doesn’t have a car, and could some one buy her one, and how DARE her mother be late to pick her up, I have to pause. I have to think about that Master’s degree she brags about, as well as the college in Chicago she went to. I have to think about how I haven’t heard a peep from her about job hunting since May, but I have heard multiple peeps about how her current job is beneath her. I have to think about how she is lucky that people take time out of their days to shuttle her around, and that she isn’t really entitled to be upset if they’re going to be a few minutes late.

Maybe I’m overreacting here. I don’t feel like I am, but maybe I am. I understand that people can’t afford cars. Cars can be expensive. But I also understand that when you’re living in an area that a car is a necessity, and you don’t have a car, the logical reaction would be to start saving for one, and figuring out how to make payments on one. Wishing for a freebie on Facebook is not exactly the right direction.


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