I’ve seen so many thankful posts between the blogs I read and Facebook, they’re coming out of my ears.

Reflecting and thinking, there’s really one big thing that has completely changed our lives.


Husband’s new job.

In some regards, I wonder if this sounds superficial, that out of all the things in my life, I am thankful for a job. But I think considering that a lot of people are struggling to get a decent job right now, it’s something to be grateful for.

I love Husband’s new job because he loves it. I can tell he feels so proud and confident about his job and about how he’s doing there. And he should! Dressing up for work, it seems, gives him a lot of confidence too. He’s good at it, he’s getting a lot of positive feedback, and he’s excited to go to work now. All a lot of good positives.

His new job has also given us a big piece of mind. He makes more money now, which means we can pay all our bills and have extra expenses without worrying about how we’re going to pay bills, or skimping on things like groceries to make ends meet. A great example is how I was able to buy a great gift for my co-worker (pregnant with TWINS! YAY!) without worrying about it breaking the budget. It means we could take Stepson to the Science Museum in Chicago, which he loved and we haven’t been able to do for him in two years. Also, Husband could sell some bike parts and I earned money raking for my grandpa, and we could save the money for our future trip to Tennessee instead of putting it into the account to try to tide us over for bills.

The thing is, we were going back and forth on being able to pay for things, and not being able to. We were pretty much just juggling and making it paycheck to paycheck. So to be able to buy a gift without having to stress over that gone money later, is something we’re both extremely grateful for.


However, I have to say this: we aren’t going crazy, and we’re using the extra money wisely as well. We’re sending extra money to Stepson’s school so we can finish paying his tuition faster. We still shop exclusively at Aldi’s. We still use the bus and train, and the car on the weekends only. We still don’t have a TV, and aren’t planning on purchasing one anytime soon. We bought Stepson a winter coat, myself a winter coat, and Husband a couple shirts and pants for work — at Goodwill. All in all, even with more money, we still have the same money idea: spending on money on what we really need.

So the job is amazing, great for Husband, great for us, and is probably the best thing to happen to us this past year.


Other things I’m grateful for: living in the city, a desire to work each day, my sexy, hardworking husband, and family family family.


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