What can I say about this movie? The actors alone — Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field, Joseph Gordon Levitt — allow this movie to shine. Then there’s the writing, the subtle yet heart wrenching music, and the fact that history is given its due. I loved it, was so excited to see it on the big screen, and it amped my already high passion for Abraham Lincoln.


Shanghai Girls by Lisa See

I had seen this book before, but didn’t really think about reading yet. Then I saw it at Goodwill the other weekend, read the back cover, and was intrigued. IT WAS SO GOOD. Sad, heartbreaking, and a bit of a dropped off ending, but I really liked it. I had heard stories about how badly the Chinese were treated in America during World War II, but this book really opened my eyes. And I love that … I love when I learn about real history from an enjoyable book.


Hunter Hayes by Hunter Hayes.

Storm Warning. Wanted. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Oh country, multiple instrument playing Aaron Carter. You are amazing.


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