to advent.

Last year around this time, I was stressing myself out because of a laughable situation: TOO MUCH FAMILY.

This year, things are at peace and plans have been settled long ago. This year, I feel an apathy in my heart as we are a mere fourteen days away from Christmas. My heart tugs for more.

So even though I was nine days into the season, Sunday I figured out two ways that I can bring Advent back into centering around Jesus’ birth, instead of all the secular trappings I find clogging my blog feed, Facebook, and Instagram. Let me be clear that I love Christmas and all that comes with it — it’s just that I myself need more daily reminders during this season to keep myself focused on what’s important to my faith.

SheReads Truth – Advent

This is a Bible study that I found on the interwebs. You can join via their website ( or search them on the YouVersion app (available on iPhone or Android) under Plans. I love this because it’s only a few verses each day, and once Advent is over they do a regular Bible study as well. The only drawback for me was that some days focus on the coming of Jesus, and others seem to be just randomly chosen verses. I’m hoping that this is just a lack of Scripture study on my part, because I really like it.

Amy Grant (Holiday) station on Pandora

It is 80% religious holiday music featuring Josh Groban, other Christian singers, and 20% secular holiday music with Michael Buble and crooners like Nat King Cole. Win Win. I love me some Amy Grant Christmas music.





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