let it snow.


One of the great things about teaching kids is all the different seasons. With younger kids, experiencing the season each year is almost brand new, because they can grasp more about it each year. Working at a daycare that excludes projects that center around holidays, seasons come into play a lot more. Snow is amazing, kids love it, and it’s great to work into projects. This post only focuses on toddlers.


  1. Use blocks to build an igloo!
  2. Construct a medium or large sized snowman with paper; cut into pieces and tape on blocks; have kids construct snowman!
  3. Use paper plates to pretend to ice skate on floor! (I’ve tried this with toddlers; they love it and it works great on carpet or tile.)
  4. Put snow in sensory bin (add food coloring for fun) and add shovels, mini snow plows, and buckets!
  5. Cut out circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles in various colors for kids to put together to make a paper snowman!
  6. White paint with blue/black paper to make a snowy day/night masterpiece!
  7. Make white playdough and have kids ‘play in the snow’!
  8. Make ice and have kids play with it in sensory bin. (I’ve done this with toddlers and they actually find ice very entertaining!)
  9. Shred paper and fill sensory bin with paper, hiding woodland animals (foxes, raccoons, rabbits, etc.) or cold climate animals (penguins, polar bears, moose, etc). Have kids scavenge through ‘snow’ for animals!
  10. White paper, black paint, and animals or trucks/cars … tracks in the snow!

Books About Snow:

  1. Winter Snow by Liesbet Siegers
  2. It’s Snowing by Caroline Davis
  3. Counting on Snow by Maxwell Newhouse
  4. Baby Animals in the Snow by Various
  5. Snow Baby by Image Books

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