I find myself, now at 26, at a point in life where I feel more like an adult. I don’t know if it’s because I’m swinging into the later twenties, or because Husband and I are finally zeroing in on important life decisions.

Surely picking up after myself regularly for the first time in my life must add to this feeling.

I was tossing around ideas for this post for the past few days, but now that I’m actually sitting here typing I don’t know what to exactly say about how I see my future.


I know I want to owe less, debt wise.

I know I want to keep up my non-existent credit card use, as well as the lack of television.

I know I’m enjoying being in a class again, even if it’s online.

I know my vision is still foggy on whether kids are in my future.


My life is good right now, and the year of 26 seems promising. I’m looking forward to my sister’s wedding, a new niece or nephew, a trip to Tennessee in June, and Husband’s milestone 30th birthday.


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