sleep deprived.

All this week, I’ve been a total crank head for about the first three hours of work every day. I feel irrationally angry, and the littlest things make me have to step back and take a breather, when normally I could take them on no problem.

Sadly, it took me until this morning to realize what was going on. I had been eating breakfast every morning, so what was wrong?

How about the fact that, after a couple months of training myself to go to bed between 830 and 930, I’ve been going to bed between 1030 and 1100 since Friday? I feel like I look up the past couple of nights and think, Nine o’clock? Wasn’t it just six and the whole night was ahead of me? My body is completely out of whack and I can totally feel it. Even when I first wake up, the upset about having to get up and go to work flows through my body with a heavy intensity.

So I’m getting back into the groove. Today I’m going a little extreme with my usual night routine, so I have no excuses about going to bed early (my goal, for my first night back in swing, is 830).

The plan is to take a shower now (it’s 4:00), get my bag ready for tomorrow morning, and then make dinner. Husband and I are going to an Ash Wednesday prayer service at seven, and then it’s home for bed.

I’m writing about this because I knew when I started the early bedtime back when that the sleep was good for me and made me feel good. But I didn’t realize how drastically it affected my mood in the morning until this week. I guess I am kind of a bear without my sleep!


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