Warm Essentials by Cuddl Duds

I received a pair of these long underwear from my aunt after she realized I was still taking the bus even though the weather had gotten into the single digits. They’re black and fit like a second skin (I wear a Medium). I’ve worn them under khaki pants, jeans, yoga pants, and skinny jeans. They fit comfortably under everything and I’m able to wear them all day during work without any bunching or overheating. I definitely can tell a difference when I don’t wear them in the cold, because they keep me warm no matter what the temperature! I even paired them with a skirt and boots last night to dinner, and they kept me much warmer than tights yet looked just as cute! They are reasonably priced at 16.99 at Target and I definitely recommend them for the winter!


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I haven’t read too many books so far this year (need to change that ASAP!), but what I have read so far have been really great, and that especially includes this book. I knew I was getting a great thriller when I picked it up, yet was still surprised by how amazing it was. It was a book that I could not predicate while reading, which I love. I am excited to read Flynn’s other books!


All That Echoes by Josh Groban

This album is a lot like his last one in that it took a few listens for me to enjoy it. I really, really loved his album Awake more than anything, and personally I feel like everything he’s done since then has been a little anti-climatic. But I’m glad that he’s still making music, because there are good songs on Echoes, particularly Brave, Below the Line, and I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever).


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