health and the rest.

When it comes to my health, I have been extremely lucky. I am probably the luckiest person I know when it comes to health. When I was born, I came out purple (I couldn’t breathe). My first year of life was spent hooked up to a monitor with tons of wires, and a few times a day I would stop breathing and my mom would have to revive me. After that first year, I got the hang of being alive and ever since then, I’ve been fine. I’ve never had surgery except for getting my wisdom teeth out (I was fine within a day) and my current “biggest issue” is that I have a tendency towards UTIs if I don’t allow myself enough bathroom breaks at work. I’ve never been rushed to the ER or spent overnight in the hospital.

So Wednesday at work, when I was feeling particularly itchy and started having red bumps appearing everywhere, I didn’t think much of it. Usually these things don’t amount to much for me. I asked to get sent home early because it was hard to concentrate with the constant need to itch. At that point, I only had the bumps on my upper arms. Within the hour it took me to get home, the red bumps were everywhere. Husband came home to take me to the QuickCare, and I was diagnosed with hives. The NP sounded super positive about it — stop using the new body wash I started the night before, take some prescription meds, you’ll be fine. Especially since I wasn’t having any breathing issues, she was happy to send me off with this advice, and I was fine taking it.

However … Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I woke up with the hives everywhere. I’d take my meds, and within a couple hours, the hives would be back again anyway. So Saturday Husband insisted he take me to an actual doctor at emergency care. And the doctor was like, “Yeah … this shouldn’t be happening. Let’s try something else.” So there were shots in my arm and my gluten, blood work, an urine sample, and new prescriptions. I think my favorite part was how the doctor was trying to convince me that the NP had done everything right and she did everything she was supposed to. I wanted to be like, ‘I don’t really care, can we just stop the hives?’

We probably spent four hours dealing with all this (I think three of the four was waiting) and by the time it was over the meds and shots were kicking in and I was exhausted. After grabbing lunch at an amazing, real, local diner, we went home and I passed out for three hours, and still woke up groggy and exhausted. We had to cancel plans with my sister, which I hated, but I could barely get the going to boil water and make ravioli for dinner. I thank God that Husband was able to get out and take a bike ride yesterday while I napped, since we had plans to go to the zoo which were thwarted by the hives.

So that’s that. Tuesday we’re getting the bloodwork back and I really don’t care if I’m allergic to anything, I just want an answer. The doctor was really trying to push the whole cat/dog allergy and Husband and I were like, ‘NO. Believe us, we would KNOW if that was it.’ I’m worried that if I can’t find an answer, they’re going to want to send me to a specialist and all that crap, and with only one car that’s not exactly something that’s easy for us. So I’m praying for a solution, any solution.

In other news, we got our planning booklet (and an amazing state map) of Montana yesterday, so I spent most of last night half listening to movies on Netflix and perusing more sites. There’s so much we want to do and I just have this feeling it’s going to be a nine day trip just like Disney. Husband is beyond excited for it, but he’s nervous that not going until 2015 is going to dampen our enthusiasm. However, I’ve secretly wanted to go to Montana for years, like since high school. It’s always a place I’ve wanted to see, the complete openness without a city skyline hovering somewhere. I want to see the mountains. We’ve driving through the mountains on our way to Florida, but I want that mountain backdrop.


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