my fitness pal

I’m on day two of the calorie counting app my fitness pal. It’s already making me think about what I’m putting in my mouth, especially since my first day was a complete blow to my number. However, I never want to be one of those people that obsess about the numbers.

I am confident about how I look, but I know I’m getting to an age where I have to be healthier, have to watch my weight so I can stay healthy. So I’m going to try this for a couple months to get me in the right mind set, and then we’ll go from there.

I’m going to try to get Husband on it too. Let’s see!


2 thoughts on “my fitness pal

  1. I’m enjoying MFP, too- glad to have another friend on there! I set it up so friends can see my “diary” and help keep me a little more accountable. I know I’d like to lose some weight, but I don’t want to do some crazy fad diet. I want to start having some simple healthier habits and I think just being aware of the things I’m eating is already helping with that.

    I like that on the app you can look at things daily or weekly. I am trying really hard to not deprive myself of the things I love- because I know I won’t stick to that. Instead, I’m trying to use MFP to help me keep track of balancing it out with exercise or healthier meals some other time. It’s just making me think about it, which helps.

    I do need to amp up the exercise part, but at least I’m starting somewhere! 🙂

  2. Yeah, my exercise is definitely built-in right now, just me walking to and from the buses every day. I would like to do more than that, but for right now, it’s working. 🙂

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