knowing what to do.

I had a great moment at work yesterday, and I just wanted to record it somewhere!

So yesterday afternoon at work, I was changing a baby when one of the parents came in. I finished changing the baby and joined her on the rug, where she was getting her daughter ready to go home. It was her daughter’s first week at our center, so we were talking about how she’s adjusting to sleeping with the noise in a daycare, and how that’s completely normal. We were talking about how well she eats and plays when her mom said, ‘I know I should probably ask her doctor this, but I’m going to ask you too.’ and then asked me if I felt she needed to bring more breastmilk for her to eat.

Can I just say that I was totally honored that she asked me that? I mean, I’ve only known this woman five days and already she feels comfortable enough to ask me about her daughter’s eating needs! YAY!

I am by no means an expert in my field. I have three years of experience coming up in May, I have worked with pre-k, toddlers, and infants, plus I’ve got experience from Stepson for five years (I’ve known him since he was a toddler). But I feel like I know kids. And having this mom ask me that kind of reaffirmed this feeling for me.

I think, no I KNOW, that the more I think about, the more that because taking care of kids is my job, I’m in no rush to have my own. It is not a big, crazy, scary adventure to have a baby. It is old hat for me — eventually, they will eat. Eventually, they will sleep. Yes, they will pee on the changing table. Blow outs are old news. Pregnancy/labor/the first six weeks are all a ‘mystery’ to me, but the rest is not. So I can wait, and help other parents in the mean time.


((Also, my sister is having a BOY!, and I’m so excited to have a new baby to snuggle come June!! 🙂 ))


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