Simon and Garfunkel Radio  by Pandora

I have mixed feelings about this radio station. I listened to it for about two hours while I was drafting a post, and it seemed to be amazing and pick a flawless set of music. Then about halfway through the second hour, I realized it had been quite some time since I heard an actual Simon and Garfunkel song. WHICH WAS THE WHOLE REASON I MADE THE STATION IN THE FIRST PLACE. Ugh, nothing is sweeter to me than Bridge Over Troubled Water or America.


The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman

One of the best books (it’s non-fiction!) I’ve read about the Holocaust. The end.


Hello Apparel

Look it up. Pricing’s a little much, but if you follow them on social media they have good deals every month. Shirts are incredibly soft and wear well, and are adorable. Also they ship super fast; got mine within four days of ordering. Finally, every time I put my shirt on I want to sing “YOU SAY GOOD-BYE, BUT I SAY HELLO!”


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