money money money

It’s no secret on this blog that Husband and I don’t have the money.

In April, I felt the push of spending more on others and we’re currently living this week eating scraps for lunch and digging out the freezer for dinner to make up for that push. Thank God for Teacher Appreciation Week.

There was also an embarrassment moment where my sister, who to the naked eye has more on her plate than Husband and I, gave our cousin’s son double the money we did for a recent event.

I wanted to stand up, wave my arms, and go, ‘I know! I know! I know she has a kid and a baby on the way, a husband in school and currently getting a home loan. I know! I know! But I swear, we have less money than her!’


We did another valiant but fruitless sweep of ‘How can we cut down the budget besides the measly $8 a month that is our sole entertainment?’ on Sunday.


I need new shoes because the soles are giving out on the current ones and the lack of support is aching my lower back.

Husband needs $280 for new hearing aids.

I need tuition money so I can take two summer classes and get director qualified.


Husband and I talked about how this tight squeeze of money strain had left us, but here it was again, all because we wanted to shower a few people in our lives with a little extra.

Lesson learned: unfortunately, we’re not at that point yet.


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