exploring the city.

When we were dating, Husband and I used to do things off the seat of our pants — book a hotel night stay in Indianapolis, drive two hours to a cow farm, end up in a casino in Milwaukee. Since being married and having actual monetary responsibilities, these adventures have scaled down some what. But today, we had an awesome adventure.

Then the other day Husband and I were talking about doing something for the weekend that wasn’t the zoo. I remembered there was a map in the movie The Lake House of Chicago, and had always wondered if it was real. I brought up the scene for Husband. I thought he was just going to brush me off until he leaned in, pointed to a number on the map and said, ‘I know where that is.’




Friday night Husband diligently used his knowledge of the city, Google maps, and a lone screen shot to turn plot points into addresses. The movie only shows about seventeen of the twenty-one points on the map, but that was more than enough for us. Saturday morning, I packed a bag, we grabbed the list, and headed out.

Although I bombarded my Instagram followers with twenty pictures in one day, I’ll keep it down to my favorites here.



City Hall was our first stop and completely beautiful, outside and inside. Well, what we saw of the inside before a security guard told us to GTFO.



The Rookery building was beautiful and has been around since the 1800s. It’s so crazy to see this beautiful architecture, such ornate detailing in the stone, and now it houses a Potbelly. Seems kind of like a waste sometimes, to me.



On our way to a building, we stumbled upon a movie set! There weren’t too many actor type people around, so I think they were still setting up scenes and getting filler shots. Husband talked to the gopher directing people away from the set, and he said they’re filming a movie called ‘Caper’. After some research online, I realized he said Catbird — one of the working titles for the Divergent movie!! EEP!



We took the red line twice, the brown line twice, and the foster bus once. Husband was so excited to carry this map we grabbed from a Walgreen’s. He regularly checked it and was so proud to figure out what we’d take to get to the Harold Washington Library. I don’t think he ever let it out of his hands! When we stopped at Chick Fil A at the end of the day, he spread it out on the table and didn’t want to move it so we could eat!



Nine stories of books? I’m in! Harold Washington Library is a beautiful building on the inside, and seeing all these rows of books caught my breath a little. Our unexpected adventure in the library was when we were on the seventh floor, hanging out near the escalator talking about whether we’d go up to the top, when Husband dropped the list of places and we watched it float serenely down somewhere to a lower level. After splitting up and racing up and down escalators, we finally found it on the landing at level three. Whew! Considering we were only halfway through the day, finding it was a lucky break.



Pretty much how both of us looked all day, staring up in wonder at buildings in the city we love. I forget sometimes how lucky, lucky we are to live here. This is the Chicago Riverwalk, where we saw so many water taxis and boat tours pass by. Did you know that a Chicago Architectural Boat Tour is $40/person? The entire day for us cost $35. I think we got a better deal!



Because it was June and a Saturday, I shouldn’t be surprised that we saw six bridal parties getting pictures throughout downtown, but I was! I loved every wedding dress I saw, but I loved watching photographers sprawled on the ground taking pictures even more.


So that was our Saturday. Right now I’m tired and juuusssttt starting to get my appetite back after my delicious meal from Chick Fil A. Husband is on a bike ride, celebrating the fact that he sold some bike parts and is only $150 away from new hearing aids!


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