A girl I know, our parents have been friends for awhile, just found out she’s pregnant. And so she changed her FB profile picture to a baby bottle w/ her due date on it. Because she’s a baby bottle now, I guess, instead of a human being.


Seriously people, when did women forget that they are a person? That they have interests, and desires, and hobbies, and goals, and a career, and their life goal shouldn’t be to thinkĀ how can I get married so I can force this all on my child and completely revolve around that child?

I cannot tell you how many of my friends and cousins have been pregnant or just had their first child and completely abandoned everything? Their profile and cover photo, and all their statuses are just BABYBABYBABY. It is a pure relief that my sister is the exact opposite and rarely posts about her kids, and her pictures are of her with her children.

My bloggers, with the exception of one amazing blogger, have been the same way. They don’t update unless it’s an update about how their child is doing, they don’t post pictures unless it’s of their child. (LOOK at him smile! LOOK at him breastfeed! LOOK at him lay near the dog! THEY’RE FRIENDS!! LOOK AT IT!!!!)


And I am getting frustrated. I am all for procreating, but not for transforming into a mindless baby zombie. Son of a bitch, it gets annoying fast. I just want to post a picture of Mufasa on all their FB pages and go, ‘REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE …’


Can you tell that my hiatus has been mostly me and Husband talking about how we don’t want to have kids?