why we bought new phones

We’ve been having a lot of talk about priorities lately. There’s so much we want to do and get, and it seems like everything barrels in at the same time. I think it’s one of the hardest things about marriage; sitting down and coming to a compromise about what you value and what is good to spend money on.

You also have people on the outside who will want to insert their opinion on what you’re doing. Or maybe you will just ask what they think and get a lecture about priorities in return.

Husband and I had been discussing getting new phones since the new iPhones came out in September. But we also knew that we wanted to buy a new car by March, and that we’d have to buy a lot of Christmas presents in the coming months. We still were paying off my Air, even though we only had a couple payments left.

So we decided to wait.

And our phones, got shittier.

My phone was bought in 2011, but had the technology of a phone from 2009. Now, in 2013, I was demanding things of it that it couldn’t handle, like taking decent pictures and handling about a dozen apps. Since the summer it had been going haywire, opening apps while it was supposed to be in lock mode and also randomly deleting them. It was struggling to make clear phone calls and the navigation system took forever to sort anything out. By November, the battery was draining itself fairly quickly. Husband wanted us to Google Hangout and my phone couldn’t seem to figure out how to send messages from it. I would get notifications of texts hours later from when they were sent.

Husband’s phone was in better shape than mine, but he had dropped it a number of times and the wear and tear was starting to affect the phone.

Our phone bills were hysterically high. I payed almost $60 and Husband paid $70. If you didn’t pay the day it was due, the next day the service cut out, no warning. Forgetting was not an option. When Husband went over his data plan, they’d shut down half his phone until he threw more money at them.

There’s a lot to be said about technology in today’s world, and how sucked into it we all are. I am completely guilty of getting immersed in my phone. But for Husband and I, the small amount of technology we do have, we use to full potential (I feel, anyway).

T-Mobile had a great family plan option where (it’s not a contract) two phones were only $80/month. This is even though I got an iPhone 5S and Husband got a Nexus 5. And if you go over data, they just slow down your connection speed as ‘punishment’. And if you’re late on a payment, they give you a few days instead of next day shutdown.

Yeah, we basically both got the best phones currently on the market. I really wanted a Moto X, but we would’ve had to pay for it online and then go into the store and we would’ve missed the deal for Husband’s phone.

But the point is that our phones were shitting and interfering with the daily routine of our lives. And the plan is to hold on to these phones for three to four years. We’re not turning into the kind of people that run out every time a phone is released with one new feature. We were talking last night about how the recent phones are all basically the same, i.e., his Nexus and my iPhone are only really different because mine’s Apple and his is Android. I love love love the camera on my phone, and that’s really what I was looking for.

For months now Husband had been trying to convince me that my HTC had just as good a camera as any other phone. And in theory, it did. And by theory, I mean if you were outside in the daytime standing with the perfect angle and holding perfectly still so the camera wouldn’t shake while your photo subject held still as well. It was why my Instagrams were so few and far between — I was taking dozens of shots that were all for shit, and gasping when I accidentally got something legit. The end.

So that’s our story. We went out yesterday with my family and I took some great pictures — while moving, while the subject was moving, in a low lit area, etc. Not wanting to be obnoxious, I only posted two to Facebook, but I knew as I cropped and got them up on Instagram, that if I’d had my old phone I wouldn’t have gotten any of these shots, or if I had, they wouldn’t have been as well lighted or clear.

I also can send nice emails with photos attached from my phone, comment on Facebook and keep up with Messages, all while surfing the web with ease. It’s amazing what I use to have to tell people to wait until I got home from work … now bam! I can do it right then and there. I sent my sister the pictures I took of her kids on the way home, then hopped on Pinterest to create a board for the birthday party my mom and I are planning.


Man, technology, right?! Still kind of boggles me that I can do all that on something small like a phone!


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