the better picture

I’ve already expounded on here a little about how much I love my new iPhone. I finally got a case for it, which was pricey but worth it. I’ve read so many blogger posts about how fun it is to have multiple phone cases, but the white one I got works just fine. My biggest issue was that I wanted one that didn’t affect the camera, and the girl I talked to at Best Buy was great about finding me one that wouldn’t cast a shadow or affect the coloring, while still protecting my phone.

I’ve been testing out my phone in a variety of settings, to see what it can do and how well the picture quality will be. The results are below!



This is the second picture I ever took with my phone. The only light was from the tree and the hallway light you see in the background. Every other light in the house was off, and I took this at about nine at night. The 5s does a great job of finding the light. When focusing your picture, you can click on lighted areas to darken the edges, or you can touch on darkened areas to open up the light already there (like the tree lights). There was no flash on this picture, and no prominent yellow tint on the photo or fuzzed tree lights. I love it.



Brother is constantly in motion, but I only had to take five shots to get this great picture. The 5s has a great shutter release, so unlike my old camera, I didn’t have to wait for him to get almost still to get a good shot. This is a great phone camera with kids. (The blurred area was a filter from Instagram.)



This is a tiny jellyfish from an exhibit at Brookfield Zoo. The precision and clarity, despite being on the other side of a thick, finger smushed, glass, is amazing. I pretty much stopped taking pictures of animals at the zoo unless they were sitting or sleeping, but this shot is making me rethink that. I can’t wait to go back to the zoo and get photos of moving animals.



This is one of those shots that I constantly see on Instagram and think, how did they do that? There is little light in a movie theater and mostly it’s a weird yellow. In this case, the exit sign in the corner was the biggest light source. I didn’t do much adjusting with the light, and it turned out great.



I feel very pretentious and lame if I take pictures of food while I’m out, but our brunch was so good! I discreetly and quickly fired off one picture before we got up, and it turned out so good! I have to say, we were right next to a window and got excellent light on this one.



Around ten o’clock Thursday night, I was laying in bed trying to settle down and thought, ‘I wonder how the phone will handle this darkness.’ The only light in the room was the computer – no exterior lights, all the lights in the apartment were off. Right from where I was laying, I opened the camera, let it adjust, and took a picture. Amazing!


There are still a few shots I want to try out with the phone — more in motion shots and city lights, for example. But the above gives me confidence that this phone can handle pretty much anything. I can’t wait to see what other memories this phone will effortlessly capture!



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