here and there updates

I’ve been a little quiet around here as we’ve been working on a few things, and I wanted to see how they panned out before I made any serious talk on “paper” about them.

Husband got a new job! He is working hard to figure out what is expected of him and what his day to day tasks entail. They created the position and then sought him out to come work for them, which is unbelievably awesome, so they’re still working out the kinks of a true ‘job description’. There are talks of trips out West and to China in his future, which would be a great opportunity for him. I’m so proud of him, and I know he’s proud of himself too.

Financially, things were a little sketchy. We were expecting bonus money from his previous job until his boss told him the company might not want to give it to him because he quit (even though, contract wise, he didn’t do anything wrong). So we had to deal with that disappointment and look for other avenues (aka our tax returns) in regards to paying off the Subaru. We had fully accepted this and I had stopped thinking about it. Then yesterday we checked the mail and there it was — a full bonus check. Money we’re putting into savings, but money we were surprised and relieved to see. We are doing well financially because his new job came with a significant leap in salary. Right now Husband is making monthly what he and I made together monthly back in 2011.

So, yes, all kinds of blessings right now. We’re looking at this surplus in money as a blessing to do things we couldn’t afford but needed — mainly, my dental work.

Yes, I made it to the dentist! I found an amazing dentist who advertises on my sister’s radio station. Going to the dentist for the first time in about four or five years, I was nervous and scared. She was amazingly patient with me, explained everything that she saw and what needed to be done. Yes, I had serious issues in my gums — but my teeth were perfect (no cavities or anything like that). Turns out I have strong teeth but weak gums. Plus my permanent retainer was causing all sorts of trouble, catching plaque like a full time job. The second time I went (and I’ll go again at the end of March), I met an amazing dental hygienist who did the procedure — mainly, numbing my gums and then digging all up in them to scrape out the plaque. I was crazy scared, but she explained everything, repeatedly asked if I was OK, let me listen to headphones while she worked to keep me calm, and showed me how to floss the retainer so it stays clean. I’m actually fine with going again to finish up the other side, and the every six months appointments I’ll have to do from now on to keep my gums healthy. My last dentist was ridiculous and his hygienists were some of the meanest and constantly degraded everyone, so I’m grateful for a place where the people are nice.

What else? Stepson is doing good; we’re working on simple Math with him because that seems to be his main struggle at school right now. Next weekend we’re doing an overnight at an indoor water park and I can’t wait. I started a ‘project’ on Instagram where I take pictures of Stepson every weekend we have him and post them with a few thoughts. I plan on turning them into a book at the end of the year, just so we have some momento of this age.

Husband’s dad wants us to go with them on a RV road trip to Yellowstone over the summer. I’m not sure if this is actually going to happen or not, since his dad hasn’t mentioned it since, but I hope so! What an adventure!

Finally, work is going really well. We got a new director and she has more confidence and appreciation for us than the previous two directors combined. I’ve been leading a lot of tours for my room, which is positive for the center (they all basically have been enrolling) and positive for me because I feel more confident in my abilities and knowledge. I’ve been doing some serious thinking about what the next step is for me in this career — I’m fine with my job as is, but I know that physically I probably won’t be able to do this forever. Husband and I have been discussing a few options, and we’ll see what I can make work!


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