pop in.

I am attempting to get more serious at blogging. I forced myself to only write when I had a ‘real’ blog post, like a story with a point and a moral, or a real decluttering update or a kid project.

But for November I wanted to do NaNoWriMo, and work was stressful because I switched rooms, and there’s a HOLIDAY. My friend in all red was actually two weeks late, and Husband had me take a pregnancy test (even though we are so on the ball with protection, I knew it would be negative, and it was). So my posts here have been sporatic and non intentional, and I’m going to focus on changing that and getting back into real posts, real messages, a real blog.

Also I failed miserably at NaNoWriMo, and my boss is poking me in the back on taking classes and getting my director qualification, because she wants me on the management team yesterday. Which is fun and scary and overwhelming all at once.

I’m trying to cook every night of the week. Like, chopping, browning, mixing, layering, in the oven, cooking a dinner. Husband loves it, and in a way it relaxes me in the evening to prepare and make and serve. It’s also a lot of work.


So I’m a little stressed. Life right now is crazy, and let’s just disregard the entire last post about moolah. Because retirement savings and our old friend child support (plus our forgotten friend health insurance) came late to the new job party and my hours are getting cut. So … crunch crunch crunch.


I focus on things that make me happy. Like the routine of work. A baby rolling over for the first time. Finishing a book I couldn’t put down. Finding a funny series on YouTube. Husband curling an arm around me and murmuring, ‘I love you’.


Life is full, a balancing act of worry and happy. As it should be.


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